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2024 THEME

11th edition: Finding inclusivity in our differences

In a period of high climate stress, it is necessary to encourage international cooperation and seek to improve the resilience of states towards global warming. This is why the theme of the tenth edition of the Lyon Model United Nations Conference was aimed towards climate change.

The theme chosen for the tenth edition of Lyon MUN particularly reflects the growing global anxiety towards the survival of our planet. Environmental issues transcends borders and politics and are part of the primary concer

This year's team acknowledges the power of opening important conversations and highly believes that opening our conference to such subjects will greatly benefit in strengthening the voices of the new international generation.


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What would you do if you were a diplomat for a day ?


Model United Nations simulation are academic simulations of United Nations conferences in which Students defend the interests of a country.

As well as upholding the politics of the state they represent, delegates write resolutions, amendments and policies according to the protocol and procedures of the diplomats from the General Assembly of the United Nations.

United Nations simulations are a classic in university prime league worldwide. Conferences across the world enable youth to shape themselves today into the leaders of tomorow.  Newfound passion for debates, public speaking, solving world issues and creating a better future are defining skills acquired in MUN simulations

Each year, thousands of students get to travel across the world to meet in capitals and other influential global cities to debate in MUN conferences.

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