Cour pénale internationale : une fin de procès qui laisse peser le doute

La suite et la fin du procès de Alfred Yekatom, s’est déroulé aujourd’hui à la Cour Pénale Internationale (CPI).  De nouvelles preuves controversées  En ce début de journée, les avocats ainsi que les procureurs ont abattu leurs derniers arguments pour tenter de remporter ce procès. À commencer par un reportage audio proposé et recueilli par le […]

COP24 : First steps to make operated the Paris Agreement

N.B. The present article was written based on the Draft resolution 2.2 that is to say before the end of the fourth committee session, for practical reasons. Some – non major – adjustment may have happened after the publication of the article. For this second and final session of the […]

The China influence within Europe – European Council

On this second day of LYONMUN, the European council gathered up in a small room. But small rooms do not mean small decisions. Indeed, they begin the day by voting the resolution for the last day, after waiting a long time for the delegate of Ireland to show up–he probably […]

A surprised consensus from the Security Council

The Security Council decides when the United Nation takes place. It deals with a various number of issues, dealing with issues one-by-one. The council responds to world crisis that could endanger international peace. All members of the UN must follow its resolution, due to the Article 25 of the Charter. […]

Bounces at the G20 committee

Today the Group of 20 Committee had met to discuss about reforming the World Trade Organization. All day long, the delegates worked hard to try to find an agreement.     A bad start The meeting started with many surprises, but not good ones. The delegates received a message saying […]

Crisis – Yemen is currently deeply in trouble.

The delegates of this crisis committee, composing of delegates from the USA, China, Russia, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sweden, went through a passionate debate over the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Despite the early morning, the delegates seemed to be perfectly clear but kept getting darker over the day. […]

SOCHUM – Fight against persecution of religious minority : a worldwide deal

For the first day of debate, the members of the SUCHUM committee chose to confront their opinions about the following topic: Protection of religious minorities. Even though the whole assembly agreed about the fundamental aspect of religious freedom, the debate revelated contradictions about the form of the fight. Education or […]

UNHRC – What is for people without nationality recognition ?

The firsts human rights declarations had been developed in the 17 centuries individually by certain country. The rights as the notion of human, are not approach in the same ways depending the country. United Nation had so pointed the necessity of a more universal declaration of Human Right. The specific […]

#COP24 – “Make our planet great again” : yes, but how ?

In 2016, 196 States negotiated during the COP21 (the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the Paris Agreement. 3 years ago, this major moment of international cooperation on climate change were debated. Since, it has been put forward that achieving it in […]