Crisis Committee: Libyan Civil War

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The topic of this year’s crisis will be an example of recent history, with the Libyan Civil War of 2011-2012. It is a interesting case of an intrastate conflict that has effectively been decided by an intervention of the international community, highlighting the important role the UN can play in the outcome of such events, if the international community is united on an issue.

However the starting point of our simulation will be before this intervention, at the 16 January 2011, when the first protests within Libya against the government began. While these did later lead to the toppling of the Libyan Government, the progress of our crisis might differ, since from this point onwards our delegates will be deciding how to move forward.

They will be be in the roles of Members of the Libyan Government or the opposition leaders that formed the National Transitional Council a month later. They will be able to make decisions for their respective sides further their goals, either as a committee or as an individual. These decisions will be evaluated by the crisis staff and shape the progress of the crisis, so that it is completely up to the delegates how the scenario will continue, and be concluded.


Language: English

Level: Expert

Topic: Libyan Civil War (National Transitional Council vs Libyan Arab Jammahirya)

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