We declare open the 7th edition of Lyon MUN


It is within the wall of Hotel de Region Auvergne Rhone Alpes in the disctrict of Confluence that the opening ceremony of the Lyon Mun 2019 took place.

Delegates, chairs and members of the staff, we were all welcomed in the assembly hall – A huge room loaded with chairs circularly arranged which gave us the impression of being seated in the hall of the United Nations Office. It is where the voices of our special guests resonated – Sylvie BERMANN, Ambassador of France in Russia and Manga KUOH, former President of the World Bank and IMF.

As mentioned by the vice President of Auvergne Rhone Alpes, Mr BLANC, Lyon is a diversified and modern city with citizens and students from different parts of the world and is implied in international relations. He was honoured to welcome and promote Lyon Mun’s event which consists of delegates of more than 60 nationalities. This year’s edition will be held in three languages: English, French and Spanish, allowing again for more diversity.

The general theme of 2019 centres around ´The world order of tomorrow: a confrontation between the utopias of yesterday and realities of the present’.

Mr Manga Kuoh developed on how the teaching of the past and the teaching of realism are indeed combined together and allow us to foreseen what the future has in store for our global world. The upcoming days will be debates focusing on international issues being tackled by the United Nation and the ´The big blue dream’ as mentioned by Sylvie Bermann. In other words, the United Nations lived with the belief that they could solve any world issue as long as all countries were based on international laws but things have never been as smooth as they would expect them to be. Coming back to our general theme, it is important to bear in mind that the present is also about utopias and the past also consists of realities and not only on utopias as many would believe.

During the ceremony, several questions were raised by our honourable guests as well as delegates and one among them is whether our institutions are relevant enough to face international current issues?

Today, it is no surprise that we are dealing with challenges be it socially, economically or culturally and all countries are all in a way or the other concerned and affected by global changes, conflicts and challenges and we are constantly confronted with the erosion of our society’s model.

As per the traditions of a Model United Nations, the ceremony was concluded by the gavel, declaring open the 7th edition of Lyon Mun.

Here we go and stay tuned for more.


Elise Bechon, Leo Buty, Bertille Cauvé, Mailys Ghazaouir, Mathilda Ruiz, Priyanka Appadoo

Press Team 2019

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