UNESCO – Car race: A real solution?

This morning, during the debate about children education in conflict zones, the delegation of Cuba proposed a moderated caucus so that the committee could talk about his project: car races organized all around the world. How could this help children education in conflict zones?

Cuba’s project

Cuba proposes to organize car races in all the countries of the world for students, inspiring from the French race “4L trophy”. This project would be sponsored by many sponsors all around the world and would bring medical and scholar supplies for children in this conflict zones. Moreover these races would be organized by students and for students, so that everyone will be implied in this humanitarian project. In addition, Cuba thinks this would be a concrete solution to pass an important and strong message about collaboration and unity among students and to promote peace.

The opposition

What about the environment?

Some delegations, such as the Ukraine and the USA, are against this project because of the enormous emission of CO2 in the environment. They remember the committee that UNESCO should think about global warming issues too.

In response, the Cuban delegation said that electric cars could be used. Moreover, he said, “USA wants to appear as an ecological hero but actually he is among the firsts who don’t respect the environment with all their industries around the world and their lack of recycling system!”

What about the danger of possible car accidents?

In the Cuban’s project, this car races would be organized in secured areas, in addition he explains that they wouldn’t be speed races. As a matter of fact, the delegation proposes orientation races.

This proposition will be voted after the lunch brake, so stay informed!

  • Fulvia SANTINI

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