The turtles of the ECOSOC Committee

At the Economic and Social Committee, the session starts at 9:40 am, and only a few delegations declare that they are voting (seems strange). Moreover, Germany and India, two powerful countries, are absent.

The Russian position

We can already see that Russia will be an important state during this debate. Indeed, its delegation declare there is no more extreme poverty in the Russian federation and denounces the western sanctions. They nevertheless assure that the environmental sustainibility is a key subject.
Right now, things are not really exciting. But it’s only the beginning.
The topic is chosen : it will be ‘Ensuring an equal access to scarce resources on earth’.
Russia insists on the sovereignty of each country, and the fact that they have enough resources (helping countries in lack of resources is not their priority).
S. Arabia first try to talk about oil resources, a subject in which they are really influent. But the debate focuses on equal access to water. A consensus is finally made about the fact that it is the main issue to face.
Each country talks about its position, but there is still no proposition… During twenty minutes, delegations continue to fight about the subject they must focus on : quality or equal access ? Sharing new technologies or education ?

A difficult position for Saudi Arabia

To Saudi Arabia, it is clear that they won’t share their technologies if they don’t get anything back. Business is business to them. Thus, the debate is blocked. What is the most important : national interests or international wellbeing ?

Some other countries, like Japan or South-Africa, try to convince S. Arabia of the benefits of helping others : exportations, preventing conflicts, etc.

But Russia and S. Arabia definitely don’t want to help without any exchange. According to S. Arabia, the issue of water access musn’t be solved at a global scale.

Finally, just before, the lunchbreak, a kind of draft ermerges…

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