The Daily Prophet – Is Lucius Malfoy a victim ?

On May 19th, the judgement of Lucius Malfoy was opened by the International Criminal Court of Wizardry. The great and famous death eater is going to be judge by six elders. The Prosecution is convinced he’s guilty, and shows a strong offensive against Mr Malfoy, who doesn’t have any representative yet. As we all know, the facts reproach the man for are justified. But can we still describe this man as a victim? The Daily Prophet is going to answer the question.

“I want to be free” – Lucius Malfoy
No, Mr Malfoy is not a fan of the muggle group Queen. He is convinced, and want to be forgiven for all his crimes. You must remember that Lucius Malfoy joined the Dark Lord. If he wasn’t dead, would he join him again ? Our editorial board is doubting. He accepts the fact that he was a death eater, and he said it twice. Was he or is he ? One of the Elder ask him about it. If a new Dark Lord is growing, would he join this new danger ? His answer is no.
Did he chose to be a dark eater ? He said he didn’t the second time. But he did a choice : he decided to join the Dark Lord. He could have said no. He could say he prefers dying. Killing and torture people to a indigent life : that was Lucius Malfoy choice. If Lord Voldemort come a third time, he will join him again. Lucius Malfoy is a liar.

Crimes and muggle phobia
The prosecution said that he committed perjury younger. It was his first crime, as we know for now. After being graduated for Hogwarts, he joined the death eater : it was a goal. In the 80’s, when he was accused of these evils, he said he was under a curse. Now, we know he chose it, he said it himself : he chose the first time. So Mr Malfoy lied. And a liar is a liar. The Daily Prophet cannot defend liars. Being a death eater is a crime : he commits torture, he protected criminals (hosting Lord Voldemort in the Malfoy’s Manor for example), he killed people, he tried on Harry Potter when he was a child. Lucius Malfoy is a criminal.
Furthermore, Lucius Malfoy is a racist. And he doesn’t deny it : “I hate muggles”, “I cannot live with them. Can we believe that someone who has persecuted muggles, and who has called half-bloods “blood threaters” (He let for example Hermione Granger being tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange in his home) As he said, he should be shut away in his house. Better then that, he should be shut away in Azkaban.

  • Alexandre Corre Vaillant

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