The Daily Prophet – Failed attack against Malfoy could change everything

Lucius Malfoy’s trial has begun yesterday at Lyon III University. The elders have heard the first plea of both defence -by Lucius Malfoy- and the two prosecution barristers. The Elders could ask all the questions they wanted to have a maximum information. The same thing happened with witnesses and proofs brought by both defence and prosecution. The Daily Prophet was therefore pretty sure about Lucius Malfoy’s guilt. However, on this afternoon, it seems like everything was turned around.

A death eater in the court

Something happened this afternoon. The Ministry of Magic, conducted by Mr André informed both Director and Assistant Director of the situation. All the people involved in Lucius Malfoy’s trial went in a room to be informed and questionned. A lot of them refused to give information.

The Ministry wanted this case to be secret but a source told us that Giants went out from Azkaban. Someone released them in order to distract intention from the trial.

The Director informs people that a death eater enters the court when they have been evacuated. Someone has been kidnapped. He has drunk polyjuice potion to take the appearance of one of them. In a big brouhaha, the prosecution accused a lot. Their first victim is the scribe : she is very quiet, and has been gone a few times during the trial.

In a final vote, they chose to accuse the Assistant Director. Yet, After drinking the verita serum, we knew that he wasn’t the death eater. With a spell, the Director reveal that the Elder 5 was the one who was kidnapped. The death eater confess he wanted to distract attention in releasing the giants. He wanted to kill Lucius Malfoy during the trial. He says that Lucius Malfoy is not a true death eater and that he hates Voldemort.

Could Lucius Malfoy can be sincere ?

The performance of Lucius Malfoy and the horrible event of the day are making new questions : Has Lucius Malfoy been sincere since the beginning ? Does the prosecution is truly trying to do anything to put an reformed wizard in jail ?
Lucius Malfoy could be the most controversial wizard of the United Kingdom. However, he doesn’t have a lot of material proofs : we could find testimonies of others -former- death eaters as Bellatrix Lestrange or his son Draco Malfoy. His son says that he had a Gryffindor reaction for love. We also have the testimony of his wife Narcissa Malfoy born Black. All his speech is based on what he did to protect his family and what he could do for love. The difference with people from the Order of the Phoenix resides in the bad choices he did : he preferred killing than dying. But now, he’s proclaiming the opposite.
The prosecution has built his speech on real situations. The Elders know them well, referring to their reaction when they talked about Sirius Black’s death on Saturday. We are going to know tomorrow during the closing ceremony if the Elders are considering Lucius Malfoy as a reformed wizard.

Lucius Malfoy, you’re not in my tapes anymore. 

– Alexandre Corre Vaillant.

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