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#Decryption – The European Payments Initiative (EPI) : one more step to the economic integration.

“Almost 20 years after the euro integration, it is now time to unite, in a common effort, so as to present a fully European solution for numerical payments to consumers and storekeepers, which is perfectly adapted to the 21st century needs of commerce.” It is what Gilles Grapinet, the Worldline’s […]

#Decryption – The elimination of Nuclear Weapons : an achievable goal?

“The elimination of Nuclear Weapons remains the highest disarmament priority of the United Nations”. Antonio Guterres. On January 22, 2021, the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) enters into force making it the first multilateral agreement legally binding that prohibits all type of use or creation of nuclear weapons. […]

#Decryption – The deal is done : what do we know so far about the new deal ? 

On December 31, the long-awaited trade agreement was signed between the European Union and the United Kingdom. A 1,500-page document to seal a grueling divorce procedure for the said protagonists dragging on since the British referendum in 2016. Which lessons can be learned from the agreement? Which areas are impacted […]

#Decryption – Lyon and Barcelona: the European allies against violence

Two cities which have already faced the terrorism          Assassination attempts are criminal acts, but they also have a load of terror. Yet, these attacks have always existed and for various reasons (political, religious, etc…). When a terrorist tries to raid people, he tries to harm something bigger: a symbol […]

#Decryption – Corruption : still a matter of concern today despite being an old practice

“The republic … corruption undoubtedly seems higher there than in monarchies. This is due to the number and diversity of people who are brought to power.” – Anatole France  As it has been said last week, former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has been sentenced with eight years of prison by […]

#Decryption – Artificial intelligence: A data war between the United States and China

On the eleventh of February, 2019, United States decided to put the Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a political priority by starting the « American AI Initiative ». American AI Initiative is a presidential decree which asks the federal government to increase its investments in AI. This decision has been made following China’s […]

#Decryption – Coronavirus: The new challenge to global health

On January 7th, Chinese authorities confirmed the circulation of a new coronavirus which started at Wuhan Hubei Province of China, that later would be named “2019-nCoV”. From the last results, we know that it has spread all over the 4 continents with cases in countries such as the United States, […]