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#Décryptage – Les élections américaines : mode d’emploi

Le 3 novembre prochain verra s’affronter le Président sortant Donald Trump face au candidat démocrate Joe Biden pour une élection américaine aussi déroutante qu’importante. Le système d’élection présidentielle aux Etats-Unis relève d’une logique bien plus élaborée qu’un simple suffrage direct à majorité simple pouvant alors conduire à des situations paradoxales […]

#Decryption – Corruption : still a matter of concern today despite being an old practice

“The republic … corruption undoubtedly seems higher there than in monarchies. This is due to the number and diversity of people who are brought to power.” – Anatole France  As it has been said last week, former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has been sentenced with eight years of prison by […]

#Decryption – Coronavirus: The new challenge to global health

On January 7th, Chinese authorities confirmed the circulation of a new coronavirus which started at Wuhan Hubei Province of China, that later would be named “2019-nCoV”. From the last results, we know that it has spread all over the 4 continents with cases in countries such as the United States, […]

#Interview : Less economically developed countries – First victims of climate change ?

Since the beginning of globalisation, countries have been trying to expand their economy by producing, exporting and importing massively in order to be connected to one another and collaborate to share materials among themselves. Nevertheless, the main issue with this phenomena is that LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) depend extensively […]