Dear MUNers, it’s the turn of the communication to be presented!

At the head is Laurianne Trably. She is in her 4th year of university and studies contemporary oriental Asia (diversity is a success factor, trust us!) and previously made a Master’s degree in Public law in Lyon III. Her rich experience comes from the year she spent in Korea, which was so enriching she will repack her suitcase to go back there for an internship. She participated to LyonMun for 2 years and gave her best to give a beautiful image of this unique event. Laurianne is officially the best leader we can dream of! She is sometimes so full of innocence, for instance the person in charge of the logistics (this dear Julien) persuaded her that he wrote his noteswith a feather, on a parchment. And it’s only an example…


Mathieu Rouy, her assistant, has an experience of university associations rarely equalled. For 3 years now, he used to be vice-president of Poli’ gones, and is one of the earliest member of the LyonMun. He has a Bachelor’s degree of Law and Political sciences and is now in his 4th year of university in European law at the university Jean Moulin Lyon III. The communication team could not work without him. He controls social networks better than anybody and also brings us a very personal sens of humor. We do not count his imitations of all kinds anymore (specifically those of renowned professors from his university), and a dark humor which gives his interventions the look of a one-man-show. We became used to it …

The communications team is also composed of Thibaut Hillenmeyer, Anaëlle Laracine, Yanis Boubeker, Luc Lafond, Georges Chatafian, Erwan Faure, Omar El Refai, Mehdi Hamsi, Laureen Bornard, Clément Guery and Léa Balézeau.

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