Julien Giambrone is currently doing two Master’s programmes in both Public Law and International Relations at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. While studying Law and Political Science (BA), he joined the Poli’Gones society and organized one of the biggest conferences of the year in Lyon about future environment challenges. This conference was a huge success! Julien was already in charge of the logistics department for last year’s edition, and his mandate has been renewed for 2017. Julien is the team’s teddy bear, except when he starts adding French rap verses to his monologues. Julien is a very special and passionate man.

Emeline Némon-Souchière is also studying Public Law at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University (MA). She is passionate about International Relations for a long time, and that is why she did her Bachelor’s in Law and Political science. She joined Lyon MUN in 2016 and has been part of the Press team. Emeline participated in LIMUN, Nice Model EU and Harvard World MUN. Indeed, according to her, MUNs have become a second big family. Once again this year, she decided to get involved in this massive organisation for the 2017 edition, as the Assistant Under Secretary General of the Logistics department. Emeline is our team’s mini-mum and is always the best person ever for giving advice. She is well organized, and nothing can bring her down, except maybe Roquefort cheese (yes yes, she passes out when she smells it…). Everyone has their weaknesses..!

The other members of the Committee are: Audrey Le Bras; Doriane Niger; Jeremy Calella. Baptiste Vachon; Lisa Casamajou

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