Amy – USG Ceremonies

Dear MUNers, we are proud to present on this beautiful day the brains of the ceremony pole: Amy! 

To strengthen her knowledge from a previous Masters, today she is a first-year Masters student in international law at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. This young lady full of energy was born on the Ivory Coast and grew up in Teheran and Moscow before arriving in France to continue her law studies in Lyon.  

Passionate of MUN since day one, Amy decided to participate in LyonMUN 2015. She joined the ceremony team in 2016 with extraordinary energy and involvement. Thus, she became the brains of the committee that year. Her and her team are the ones to be thanked for the wonderful opening and closing ceremonies during the conference.  

FUN FACT: with 7 years’ dancing experience, Amy was forced during her second LyonMUN to do a Just Dance on Boney M’s “Rasputin” in front of a committee. A piece of advice: do not put the music too loud, or she will follow the beat and start to dance in front of you… 



Thomas – AUSG Ceremonies

We would also like to present a brand-new member of the team, helping Amy through the rough trials that comprise the organization of LyonMUN ceremonies: Thomas! 

Private lawyer at heart, this third-year student in private law at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 joined LyonMUN this year to combine his will to commit in associative life and his taste in international news and politics. Even though this young and motivated Savoyard would rather dedicate himself to purely judicial professions such as magistrate or civil law-notary, this doesn’t stop him from being interested in MUNs of which he still has little experience.  

Passionate about nature, mountains, music and wine (basically, the good things in life), there isn’t a doubt in mind that Thomas is giving his all to make you experience extraordinary ceremonies from the 17th to the 20th of May.  

FUN FACT: be careful, Thomas has a difficult kleptomaniac past with moka spoons and was once a spoon collector… Luckily, he has since been cured and remains a very nice person outside meals. 

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