Claire Belluard is a Master’s student in Public International Law at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. Her dream has been to work for an international organisation since her first MUN. After her year abroad in Belfast, with her great experience in MUNs and non-profit projects, she is naturally involved in our MUN organization, in the city she loves the most: Lyon.




Cora Masche is a 3rd year student in Law (Hambourg, Germany). She decided to do a semester abroad in the most beautiful city in France, Lyon. She started her MUN career in High school and she hasn’t got enough ever since! According to her, MUNs are not only a way to discuss international politics and to meet new people, but it is also a tool to learn how to compromise and respect others’ opinions, which are two essential skills for an effective democracy. It’s the first time she is part of a MUN organizational team, and she is very enthusiastic about this year’s edition!

The other members of the pole ceremony are Pierre BUDAN, Amy DIABY, brought SAFIOLLAH and Mathilde HELLEU.

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