Ilona – USG finances



Ilona  is currently in her 3th year of the bi-disciplinary degree in Law-Political Science at the University Jean Moulin Lyon III. She participated was at LIMUN in 2015, where she represented Iran. The same year, she was also to be found at LyonMUN as a delegate!
FUN FACT: Ilona goes to the gym everyday!




Renaud – AUSG Finances

Renaud is currently his 3th year of Law at University Jean Moulin Lyon III. Renaud is accustomed to doing MUNs, in fact he has already participated in the following conferences as a delegate: AixMUN, MEDMUN, LyonMUN, PIMUN, MUNICE, CUIMUN, OxiMUN but also as a Chair at NMEU, AixMUN, MEDMUN, LyonMUN, MUNICE ans soon at the EuroMUN!
FUN FACT: Like Agathe, he also a double-agent, because he is president of the MUNICE

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