Let us introduce you to the press team today, with its USG Julie Petitfrère and her assistant Selim Ben Halima

Julie Petitfrère studies Political Science at the University Lumière Lyon 2. She considers LyonMUN a tool to learn the rules of diplomacy. Julie is a columnist for an online magazine ArlyoMag . She aspires to be a reporter, so being a part of the LyonMUN team is also an opportunity for her to improve her interviewing skills and to write spot-on about various subjects.



Selim Ben Halima studies Law at the Univeristy Jean Moulin Lyon 3. In addition to his role in the Press committee, Selim is also the president of one of our partners, the association Jean Moulin Post, which is his university’s biggest student newspaper. Selim discovered MUNs in 2013, when the Tunisian revolution contributed to his political awakening. Model UNs were the perfect opportunity for him to put in practice his newfound interest in international relations.


The other members of the press center are: Nina BENOIT, Elise VARREY, Coralie CHARLET MÖLLER, Fadoua QACHRI and Alexandre CORE VAILLANT.

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