Time to present the communications team, without whom these posts, enticing photos and videos wouldn’t exist! For once, they’re the ones in the spotlight, with Thibaut and Medhi in the front row! 


Thibaut – USG communication

The USG is Thibaut, he studied private law during a three-year Bachelor’s at Jean Moulin Lyon III University, and is now studying for a Master’s in notarial law.

Who said private lawyers weren’t interested in international relations? Invited at the 2016 gala and fascinated by it, he joines the Lyon MUN communications team for the 2017 edition as a photographer.
He directed last year’s teaser and the closing video at the end of the event. Investing a lot of his time and energy in the association, this year he is at the head of the communications team to offer many more surprises! 

Unflattering fun fact for Thibaut, who is more comfortable behind a camera than in front of it. Before the team’s photo day last year, his hairdresser did not go easy on him, making him look like a criminal right out of prison, or a skinhead, whichever. An alarming first encounter with our chosen photographer! To this day, he still tries to erase any trace of this dark story. 


Mehdi – AUSG Communication

Thibaut’s right-hand man is Medhi Hamsi. Master’s student in International Communication and Health Sciences at Lyon II University after a fulfilling year in Italy (where his love for pizzas grew), he joined the Lyon MUN partnerships team in 2016.

The communications team reached out to him for the 2017 edition, and here he is to live out the experience again. His extensive associative experience is completed by his involvement as delegate in several MUNs, such as the LIMUN, MUNICE and AIXMUN. This long resume allows him to feed his passion for travels, as well as to provide a lot to his participation in Lyon MUN. 

Medhi’s fun fact shows that MUNs are often the location of comical situations: discreet but clever, we could wonder if he didn’t corrupt one of the chairs while dating one of them when he was delegate! 



Alexandre – AUSG Press

Alexandre is in first year of Master’s in Public Administration at Lyon II University. He previously graduated with a dual-curriculum Bachelor’s in law and political science at Lyon II.
Very involved and hyperactive, he engaged in Lyon’s associative life with Mankpad’ere and Studio 25.
Ambitious, his goal is to work in the territorial development of territorial authorities. 

Fun fact: he says he’s a terrible delegate. Not uttering a single world during the Lyon MUN 2016 debates, several will tell him: “Ah, Ireland, a good diplomat during parties!” but he’s a great member thanks to his enthusiasm! 


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