Dear MUNers, here we are on Monday and it is great time to begin the presentations of our committees with the Finances Team!

Valentin André, head of the team and vice-secretary general, is a student of the Master’s degree of judiciary private law at Lyon III University. Over his Bachelor’s degree of Political Sciences & Law, he engaged himself very quickly in the associative field to offer his good mood and energy to multiple projects, for instance the creation, the treasury and then the presidency of the ADSP (Political Sciences & Law Association). But it is today in the organization of the LyonMUN that he invests much of his time; he cherishes LyonMUN for over 3 years, today in the Treasury committee. Recently, he took part in the team who was lucky enough to participate in the OxfordMUN and received an award of Best Position Paper with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You might have encountered Valentin in a less sober way, but just as friendly, during LyonMUN edition 2016 and his irruption in the Kaamelott Committee to embody the peasant rebellion. If you have missed this great moment, videos are still available on our Facebook page!

Today is also the day to present Loïck Charlier, assistant of the Treasury Team. This Political Sciences &
Law student at Lyon III University is now a regular of MUNs, after taking part in the LiMUN in 2014 and the WorldMUN in 2016 in Rome. First delegate, he then wanted to give all benefits of the MUNs he received. That is how he joined the logistics at LyonMUN 2015. Our associative partner Poli’gones is lucky to count him as its Treasurer this year as well.

This young man, invested in the associative field also enjoys the numerous parties of MUNs to maintain his expanding reputation of lover!

Stay updated for the following presentation of our team next Monday !

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