Aaron – USG Committee

Aaron is a student with a French mother and an Italian father straight from the city of Bologna,Italy.

It has now been 3 years since he moved to Lyon and found in LyonMUN a second family. He is studying political science at Lumière Lyon II University.  

Member of LyonMUN since 2016, he is now at the head of the committee and registration team which isn’t such an easy task! It is thanks to him and his members that we could share this years’ general topic and that we will soon announce the committees… 

We should also point out Aaron’s optimism: it is on a team that he qualifies as “extraordinary” (Italians rarely do things by half …) that he can count. Aaron calls himself “pragmatic”, “loyal” and prefers action. 

FUNFACT: Aaron is a football lover full of talent. During a trip to Marrakech last summer, it took him 10 seconds before a ten-year-old child nutmegged him. Enough to make others jealous… 


Noumidia – AUSG Application

Noumidia is in her third year of law and political science at the Jean Moulin Lyon III University.

This student exudes happiness, which surely explains why she is much appreciated by her friends. Her sociability is such that she would rather see her friends rather than go to the library… 

Noumidia participated in the LyonMUN 2016 edition as a last-minute volunteer in the logistic team. The association’s concept and its friendly feel motivated her to officially join the committee team of LyonMUN 2016, which she loves as she is now leading it at Aaron’s side! 

According to her, MUNs are the occasion to meet a lot of people and to exchange to share with people from the whole world. This aspect of international relations seduced her and made her curious about international issues, especially environmental ones.  

FUN FACT: Her friends talk about her laugh which is disproportionate to her height. The advantage is that you can’t miss her! 


 William – AUSG Application

Meet William Barrera our assistant general secretary for the 2018 edition. 

Colombian student, William is currently in his first year of bachelor of law and political science at the University Jean Moulin Lyon III. He is an enthusiastic of MUNs since he has already participated in a dozen sessions in Colombia. By his energetic and honest personality, he wants to enrich his knowledge in order to return to Colombia in order to invest in international relations. We are convinced that his convictions and commitment will make him an undeniable asset for LyonMUN! 

Fun Fact: William is the dancer of the team. During his participation in the MUN, he does not hesitate to show his talents and dance delegates during the socials! 

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