The UNHRC turns out to be one of the most exciting council since it tends to be dedicated to addressing minorities issues, by emphasizing the personalities of each delegates. Therefore, arguments of everyone must be heard and we thought that the best way to transcribe the spirit of this debate was undoubtedly by lending the pen to our « speakers ».


We must write an article about this session of the MUN and today, I am trying something new. Indeed, propose you write it together. By this way, this article would be a track of your participation of the MUN. Thus, you’ve got our computer on your hands, so use your words and write things you want to underline about your experience and especially about human rights by paying attention, if it’s possible to pursue what the previous writer did. Be funny, be yourself. Now then, you can begin and pass the computer to the next one:


Spain: “This committee is dedicated to solving the problem about the human rights. In this way, we talked about the women rights and the refugee’s issues. Although, the decision making was really tough because the presence of some countries that don’t respect these rules (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc). We are trying to figure it to propose an amendment to find solution to have a good result”.

Japan: “The most challenging part about human rights is finding a compromise between the countries respective cultures and the international opinion. Indeed, some traditions contain clear violations of human rights in regard to the international standard and the ‘’easiest ‘’ solution would be to impose rules and sanctions. However, in order to ensure significant change, the initiative must come from these very countries and not by unilateral orders”.

Netherlands: “Indeed, the difference between countries makes it harder to come to a common solution, but with the opportunity to talk about the ideas, everyone can express what they think and learn from different cultures and ideas. This will grant the commit to find a better solution”.

Russia: “The first day, we had the feeling that the topics raised didn’t go hand in hand we the problem we were supposed to talk about in the first place. Which of course took up a lot of time; and made it seem like we were going in circles. But it in the end it was possible to bring up resolutions”.

United Kingdom: “As the world was drowning in despair and vanity, I rose from the ashes of our broken dreams and unfulfilled wishes, like a phoenix of the thousands suns I raised a motion to a journey the debate for a coffee break. The day was saved, the job was done. Human rights were preserved by the delegates, and the delegate’s happiness were preserved by the humble and the wonderful delegate of UK”.

Republic of Korea: “The first was really intense but also really fruitful because I learned a lot. I personally regret the fact that we will not be able to cover the second subject about statelessness. However, it is a great experience but we really need North Korea delegate”.

Mexico: “Sadly, the delegation of Mexico couldn’t attend the whole committee and has therefore missed the big discussions. However, the delegates of the Human Rights Council seem very encouraged to take the topics very serious which is exactly how it should be since the problems we are talking about are a real-world concern and we need brave people if the we want to change this world to a better and fairer place”.

Germany: “this MUN is my first and the experience is great but although the thought about human rights seems to be morally clear, it is not. Feelings are triggered and this seems a bit disturbing to me at some points. However, human rights are our basis and I am happy to contribute as much as possible to maintain this basis”.

Morocco: “Human Rights are generally difficult topic to discuss regarding different cultural background of the represented countries. However, this committee has maintained its diplomatic reputation and aimed to discuss the topic on a high level, highlighting the current issues and trying to find most convenient solution that will benefit to international community”.

Qatar: as far as Qatar is concerned by human rights, it actually tries to improve as it can the situation of human rights at home. We can notice great progress and the State of Qatar is working for it even at an international level. This is the current situation of Qatar and I think that for a first MUN it’s a good choice even if we cannot say that Qatar is a leader in the human rights. It was a great experience for me and I really want to do it again”.

Saudi Arabia: “Representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Human Rights Council is a very interesting and somewhat controversial experience. As far as Human Rights are concerned Saudi Arabia is seen as a hardliner on basically all issues. I like the Challenge of representing a Mentality that is so significantly different from what I grew up with. I really enjoyed it and I would like to come back to LyonMUN again!”

Turkey: “It was so much great being at the LyonMUN and representing Turkey, honestly, it’s my first time I participate such a conference, and sharing my ideas together and cooperating with other people just to solve problems and share our opinions about some issues, so the conference was something i won’t forget in my whole life, and in my opinion it was so much successful”.

Albania: “representing Albania in the UNHRC is very interesting because of its wish to integrate EU. However, it is quite hard because of the absence of other countries of Balkan or Adriatic Sea (Italy, Greece, Serbia/Kosovo, Macedonia…). Albania is ready to engage itself in progress about Human Rights but concretely there is not enough budget to be efficient. So, this role is more a place to manifest the existence ad affirmation of a new country just arrived on the international scene”.

Myanmar: “Representing Myanmar in the UNHRC is particularly interesting due to the fact that it is so clearly violating so many human rights. Given the fact that there were not many countries in its case (Buddhist countries oppressing Muslims), Myanmar was largely alone in its situation. Myanmar is also largely against most decisions made by the UN, mostly due to its authoritarian regime that was in charge of government until recently, so negotiating on resolutions was particularly interesting, it was my first experience in a MUN and it was extremely enriching and hugely interesting”.

Canada: “I was very pleased to represent Canada. It is my first time in MUN and the committee UNHRC was amazing. What I say during the session is that the United Nation human rights mechanisms have repeatedly expressed concerns about the discriminatory laws and policies that restrict religious minorities including Baha’is, from forming religious institutions and accessing universities and public sector. So, if Iran doesn’t protect their minorities, some sanctions will be used. The promotion and protection of human rights is an integral part of Canadian efforts”.

Ireland: “Representing Ireland in the UNHCR is an interesting experience. That’s the first time I do the Lyon MUN, I discover that it is really hard to have specific measures and to seek a consensus. Now, I also know the procedures of MUN. Ireland’s diplomacy is not really « talkative ». The government really highlight capacity building in countries were minorities are exposed to human rights violations, and the empowerment of women in communities”.

Indonesia: “I am very happy and glad to have participated in the LyonMUN, especially the human rights commission. It has really opened my eyes to the extensive issues that are still present. For a first time, it is pretty challenging to choose UNHRC, and particularly overwhelming even though it was a lot of fun, and a « light » environnement was omnipresent. Representing Indonesia is very challenging, I like challenges, but I wasn’t able to really help, or contribute any points to the resolutions, considering its position on minorities etc… But all in this experience was very enriching and cultivating”.

Syrian Arab Republic: “As the representor of The Syrian Arab Republic I would like to express that it has been my pleasure to take part in the UNHRC. It was a great and very useful experience that I acquired a huge amount of information especially that it`s my first time as a delegate in the MUN, the sessions were very fruitful and many important topics were raised, other delegates were very friendly and the chairs presided the sessions in a successful way and I would like to thank them all for their contribution”.

Nigeria: “Being a delegate of Nigeria in an organization like UNHRC is a life changing experience. this experience takes me out of my bubble and gives me the opportunity to understand real issues faced by people. people who have similar dreams and ambitions”.

Jordan: “This MUN, the first one ever for my part, was an amazing experience! I needed like two hours to relax and to dare to speak in front of others but once I overtook my stress, everything went perfectly! Thank you for all my funny and so clever delegation”.

The United States: “Ever since my arrival in Lyon MUN seemingly it was noticed that he delegates loved to play the role of the Human Rights Council. The emotional approach and the stance the delegates took was something, I would say that it was quite a tough time for me here! Honestly, the committee could be summed up by: the technical USA versus « holistic » committee”.

Lebanon: “As the representor of Lebanon, it was a very helpful and useful for me, and it’s my pleasure to participate in my first MUN and it was the g amount LyonMUN, and I got a big amount of information. the chairs of this committee were encouraging us and believe that we can do better, and don’t let us forget the other delegates, they were friendly and help us when we need them”.


Chairs: Human rights is the type of topic that literally any country can find relevant to discuss. We are really glad that everybody got the opportunity to express their country’s opinion one time or another. This bunch of delegates found humor in lots of odd situations and kept us chairs on our toes. Our favorite moment would have to playing Never I have Ever with the committee, we learned a lot of unbelievable things we could have never imagined about another


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