If one had to characterize the city of Lyon, the first thing to come to mind would be its beauty and influence as one of Europes biggest metropolitan cities. You will learn that in Frances third biggest city, hundreds of thousands of old and young souls alike come together to welcome its tourists in the best way possible.

Lyon never ceases to amaze its inhabitants and tourists. The city constantly attracts talent from all over France, Europe and the world, by offering the best setting to contemplate, visualize and give way to the most important of ambitions.

Lyon has not finished unearthing all of its remains from its roman empire, as well as from the medieval period, when the city shined politically, culturally and commercially. The city of Lyon has decided to mark the tempo of contemporary times by conserving all of its traits of grandeur” to impulse and inspire new horizons. This feeling of belonging to such a lively city is thus shared by all of the LyonMUN team, and we have the honor to invite you to one of the most remarkable MUNs you will experience.