Lucius Malfoy hates children

The trial continues in the Amphi H, where Lucius Malfoy seems to be weaker hour after hour, even if without lawyer, his defence holds water. Since this morning, proofs and witnesses have come into the debate. Arguments and positions seem to install. Lucius Malfoy seems to try to play his trump card : the defense of family. But as a Queen of the muggle pop says “Haters gonna hate”.

The Card of the beloved son

There is no doubt about the first part of Mr Malfoy’s life : he joined the Dark Lord by goal. But he entrusts he joined a second time because he wanted to protect his family to The Daily Prophet. A weird way to protect his family, in bringing the danger and the death eaters closer to them. Also, we entrusts at the beginning of the day he’s presenting in front of the elders to have a real and normal life. A funny application for a man who has always lived with evil with him. When you listen to Lucius Malfoy, all he did was in good faith, to protect his son and family.
Prosecution, and I guess the jury with their questions, is(are) accusing Mr Malfoy of psychological abuse on his own son. In fact, he made his son to become a death eater. This, it’s a punishment Voldemort impose him. The two lawyers accused him to have made his son a bully at Hogwarts. Some witnesses told us that some Grynffondor’s students were bullied by this young boy. Lucius Malfoy would raise him to. It’s what he was, it’s what his son became. Do Mr Malfoy love his son as much as he said to put him in this situation ?

The Ginny Weasley case

A lot of questions came to the case of Ginny Weasley. Indeed, Arthur Weasly, a witness of the prosecution put this case in the debate. In 1998, the diary of Tom Riddle was destroyed by Harry Potter in the Chamber of Secrets. The young girl was talk to that book and did what he demanded, placing the students of Hogwarts in danger. Lucius Malfoy admits putting the diary in Ginny’s bag. He gave a strange explication : he wanted to transfer the book in Hogwarts via a girl he considered the smartest. The Daily Prophet asks him if his son was an idiot. He said it was too logical to give it to Draco Malfoy, the other death eaters might have discovered a treason. Nobody believes it.
Mr Malfoy wanted the Dark Lord to come over. He wanted to accomplish what his Lord began : killing the “blood treaters”. He wanted to kill children. Even children. He hates children. It’s what The Daily Prophet has seen today. The prosecution entrust Lucius Malfoy is still a danger for everyone to us this afternoon. The trial continues tomorrow.

  • Alexandre Core Vaillant

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