What is a MUN?

(English below)

Un MUN -Model United Nation- est une simulation des Nations Unies.

Cette vidéo préparée par les membres des différents pôles du LyonMUN vous présente l’organisation de cet événement, les différents protagonistes que l’on retrouve et enfin tout ce qui attires les étudiants du monde entier passionnés de relations internationales de géopolitique.

Le MUN est aussi un rendez-vous incontournable pour tout ceux qui désirent le débat d’idée sur des sujets contemporains et d’actualités.

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A Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations and its committees. Every delegate at a MUN pretends to be the diplomat of a designated country to defend its interests in a specific committee.

The chairmen of each committee fix two topics on which to debate so that the delegates can conclude the sessions with a draft resolution. MUNs stay in line with United Nations rules and regulations in order to ensure quorum and respect during committee sessions.

For many young people, MUNs are an institution. Such a simulation deserves the to be played out by individuals desiring to resolve current issues and prospects. MUNs allow young people especially to expand their capacity to speak, negotiate and strategize.

For one to understand what a MUN is, one must look closely at a diplomat’s day-to-day activities. It is now up to you to come and become one. Learn to defuse a regional conflict, put in place a multilateral agrarian development plan, stop epidemics, redefine borders, and much more!