INTERPOL just found its final resolutions!

This morning, after more than one day of discussions – exhausting for some of them – a compromise was found on the topics “Managing the return of ISIS soldiers from Syria and Iraq”, a burning subject. Le Monde was there to summarize for you what was said in this committee.

To remind you, INTERPOL was the committee which made more noise yesterday night, they are the delegates who tapped on the tables, who danced on Shakira, who sang serenades… But they can be serious.
The debates have sometimes round in circles, but many interesting ideas were set up and points of convergence were found. Russia and Iran were the leaders of the first draft resolutions and said they were “displeased of the lack of commitment of Western countries” (headed by Canada). Finally the three sponsors are Canada, Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq. Russia voted against, the United-States was “strongly in favour”.

Prevention, travel, return, called to SPECPOL and UNSC

There are four sections: “prevention”, “travel”, “return”, “general terms – applicable to all steps above”.
Firs of all, INTERPOL said that member States have to strengthen surveillance of social media websites thanks to National Security Agency of each States in order to fight online radicalization. INTERPOL also want stricter preventive measures against suspected want-to-be ISIS fighters before they leave the native country. However measures for monitoring and judicial response is up to National government. In this idea reporting and updating INTERPOL databases is also needed and INTERPOL police forces have to be trained. Finally, all members will elaborate a monthly report relating to the financial, training and sharing information involvement of the countries to ensure the efficacity the measures.

INTERPOL supports all States to enforce their system of communications passports to help identifying travellers through a common database. INTERPOL wants stricter border controls, because of illegal arms, illegal papers ID and illegal migration. The issue of dual citizens was also debated many times, regarding INTERPOL governments have to establish legislation regarding the withdraw of one of the nationality. If countries are in lack of solution they will cooperate with SPECPOL and notify it to the UNSC. INTERPOL remind the difference between refugees and ISIS soldiers suspects have to be made. Refugee should have a special treatment by humanitarian forces and ISIS suspects should be taken under supervision.
Then, INTERPOL encourages all members to interrogate returned suspected soldiers and his family, make a psychologic analysis of him, analyse all his belongings like computer, phones and communicate it in the database project before extradite them.

Finally, INTERPOL debated on the database project. Here we have to note that Egypt abstained because the database question was not clear enough. The database will be under INTERPOL responsibility and will neutral and impartial. The funds will be rise by all INTERPOL members in accordance of their resources. The idea is to link every suspected national list like the no-flight list, the black list, etc. INTERPOL also encourages States to sign a UNSC resolution about UN’s which prolonged the UN’s al-Qaida sanctions framework to include ISIS, another about preventing recruitment, organization, transport and equipping of foreign terrorist fighters.

Failed of the “Arabopol”

The close about an “Arabopol” we’ve told you about yesterday was finally withdraw, with an applause of the room after a bogged down debate. The idea of this “Arabopol” was to make Arabic countries able to manage the terrorism problem in a specific way.

Internet or Intranet ?

We have to notice is that Iran and Russian Federation have tried to passed a subtil proposition : “Recognizes that freedom of expression and privacy is of the utmost importance on the intranet and we as member states should all promote it”, to impose their Intranet instead of acting on the Internet. But the committee amended this proposition, all countries expect China, Russia, Iran, Libya and Egypt which wanted to keep “Intranet” instead of “internet”. Syria abstained. But a video of Russian and Iran clarified their ideas is coming soon!

Here’s an extract of the debate :

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