Crisis – Yemen is currently deeply in trouble.

The delegates of this crisis committee, composing of delegates from the USA, China, Russia, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sweden, went through a passionate debate over the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Despite the early morning, the delegates seemed to be perfectly clear but kept getting darker over the day. […]

SOCHUM – Fight against persecution of religious minority : a worldwide deal

For the first day of debate, the members of the SUCHUM committee chose to confront their opinions about the following topic: Protection of religious minorities. Even though the whole assembly agreed about the fundamental aspect of religious freedom, the debate revelated contradictions about the form of the fight. Education or […]

UNHRC – What is for people without nationality recognition ?

The firsts human rights declarations had been developed in the 17 centuries individually by certain country. The rights as the notion of human, are not approach in the same ways depending the country. United Nation had so pointed the necessity of a more universal declaration of Human Right. The specific […]

#COP24 – “Make our planet great again” : yes, but how ?

In 2016, 196 States negotiated during the COP21 (the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the Paris Agreement. 3 years ago, this major moment of international cooperation on climate change were debated. Since, it has been put forward that achieving it in […]

Lyon MUN 2019 – What happened at the European council ?

Today, in a big amphitheatre of Lyon 3 University, took place the European Council committee. This Council is important because of its impact on the different Europeans decisions and was supposed to gather 28 Heads of government at 8am to debate on the chosen topics. However, it seems that the […]

La ligue des Etats arabes, une collaboration efficace sans action d’envergure

Un long rappel de plus quarante minutes avant de débuter les débats : nos diplomates étaient-ils alors préparés ? La question se pose … Les premiers discours d’ouvertures dénotent de positions assumées face à la sécurité qui reste selon eux primordiale. Tous convergent à dire que leur territoire est particulièrement menacé, […]

CPI – Alfred YETATOM : le coupable idéal d’une guerre incomprise ?

La Cour Pénale Internationale (CPI) se réunit aujourd’hui pour juger un potentiel criminel de guerre centrafricain : Alfred Yekatom. La Centrafrique : un pays dans une situation chaotique En 2003, François Bozizé prend le pouvoir par un coup d’Etat puis est défait par la Séléka, vaste coalition musulmane, qui porte au pouvoir […]

SPECPOL – Natural resources crisis or the diamond issue

SPECPOL is the fourth commission of the United Nations’ General Assembly. It stands for Special Political and Decolonization. This commission usually deals with different subjects such as decolonization, Palestinian refugees, maintaining world peace or Human rights. Today, in the Amphitheater P in the Manufacture des Tabacs in Lyon, this LyonMUN […]