Finally the resolutions?

Yesterday all the countries of the ECOSOC agree with each other to ensure policies that will allow a better access to resources to everyone. Motivation advocated on the disagreements as surprising deals were provided just like artificial rivers.

The attempt to find solutions to make sure that each country will access to scarce resources equally has clearly failed.

Earlier this morning, the ECOSOC Committee was divided in three groups : the European one that was focused on ecology, the « rest of the world » as they called themselves which was forward-looking to agriculture and water and finally a little group made up with Bangladesh, Columbia, Lebanon and Egypt which was trying to convince the others in order to create a fairer food market.

Besides some countries were lost but the aim was to educate the population by sharing different knowledge and adapting the apprenticeship to each country. Of course changing our way of thinking is crucial to learn the best behaviour to have to make this world more respectful of the nature.

Where are the values?

Despite the fact that ideas were interesting, the only thing that seemed to matter was about the place where an international centre creating to look for solutions about access to resources will be built.

Nevertheless, multiple contradictions were not facilitating the establishment of a settlement : first the presence in the European group of South Africa, the approximation between France and Bangladesh, lack of leadership of the USA… It appears that economic values gather more than human needs.

How countries that do not even manage to get along to find common solutions can claim their will for an interest cooperation just yesterday ?

  • Sizian Amina

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