“Fête des Lumières”; when poetry rimes with technology

From Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th December, “la Fête des Lumières”, the world biggest festival of light since 2000, took place in Lyon. Here is everything you need to know :

Lyon was stunning this week end, and there is no need to say that it was due to “la Fête des Lumières”. Each and every year, Lyon shows to the world its magnificent architecture. Architecture that was even more stunning thanks to the festival and its numerous illuminated structures. As an example, the light show called “Evolution” at Cathedral Saint-jean, in the old town, was taken in charge by Yann Nguema, member of the music band EZ3kiel. He had to think about the deconstruction of this monument, pixel by pixel. Therefore, this light show tells us the story of the Cathedral. This tribute juggles between poetry, mystery but also futuristic effects. When asked about the festival itself, Gabriel, Political Sciences and English student confided to us: “Well, as a first-timer I was impressed by the amount of people on the streets, but my friends told me it wasn’t a big deal compared to previous years! Then the illuminated structures were really impressive too, and beautiful for most of them. We could see Notre dame de Fourvière from far that was nice. But for me the best one i’ve seen this year was the animation at the Cathedral St Jean! It was splendid and was really ingenious!”

As you may already know, when it comes to Lyon, history is very important. In 1848, the city of Lyon has had difficult time due to social conflicts, natural disasters but also the transformation and evolution of the city. In order to give hope to its inhabitants, the city decided to install a statue of Marie on the hill of Fourvière, which overhangs the city, on the 8th September 1852. Unfortunately, the bad weather did not let that happen. The installation is then postponed to 8th of December from the same year. And, even though, the hill was still impracticable the 8th, the inhabitants of Lyon decided to illuminate it with lights and fireworks. To this day, people from Lyon still celebrate the 8th December, seen as a cultural heritage.

Gérard Collomb : “La fête des Lumières” makes Lyon shine around the world”

When asked about the event, Gérard Collomb, the Mayor of Lyon, declared that : “in this context where terrorist threat is very high, the city of Lyon managed to make the festival more secured. This, without changing the spirit of the identity of this event (…) La fête des Lumières stays a big, international event that combines creativity, technique and energy, that makes Lyon shine around the world.”

But no worries, you can still catch up if you live in another city! A lot of the pieces of art that are exposed during the festival are « replayed » in France, or through the world. You can identify them with the label « Inspired by Lyon Festival of Lights » in the city of Bogota, Shanghai or even Montreal.

Unfortunately, LyonMun will not have its own Festival of light, but hey, when you come here, we’ll be happy to show you around and tell you all about it. Meanwhile, you can still watch this video from 2014 that will show you the spirit of it :



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