Crisis – Yemen is currently deeply in trouble.

The delegates of this crisis committee, composing of delegates from the USA, China, Russia, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sweden, went through a passionate debate over the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Despite the early morning, the delegates seemed to be perfectly clear but kept getting darker over the day.

Indeed, they started by discussing about the stabilisation of the political system in Yemen and debated whether the Yemenite government was really representing the citizens? As the delegate of Russia said, “ If there is a legitim government then why is there Houthis rebels?” Netherless, the USA and French delegates did not share the same point of view. For these countries, this government is lawful, and citizens simply have to fight against the rebels and Al-Qaeda but China declared its non-intervention in the political system in Yemen’s state.

Strange funding decisions

The USA created the Special fund for the stabilisation of Yemen in order to support the government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. The fund will consist of $123m, obtained by Northern Triangle countries. The problem is that the USA troops was sent to Al Anad base in southern Yemen. A 3000 soldier battalion, composed of 150 artillerymen and 250 territorials, provided with BAE Caiman (25x), RG-31 Nyala (15x) ( Transport armoured vehicle ). Such operation will cost $120, and will be financed by the Special Fund for the Stabilisation of Yemen but it is to fight for. Therefore, there is not so much money left for the humanitarian help and it is one of the things that was the most needed there. However it is very important to notice that Sweden is really looking forward to a peace agreement in Yemen, by inviting the Houthis rebels and wanting to combat terrorist influence. Apparently it did not work out. In fact, a deadly terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia killed 10 royal family members and 55 civilians. This attack was led by a Yemen division of Al-Qaeda terrorists. In the mean time, Houthis rebels advance in Yemen, gaining terrain, not bringing peace. Can the crisis committee really be efficient?

The lost promise of a ceasefire

Sweden wanted a ceasefire in Yemen in order to resolve the humanitarian problem. Netherless, Russian delegate quickly destroyed this dream, because yes indeed it is a dream: The crisis committee will have to deal with Al-Qaeda, and rebels, and it is unlikely that they will be ready to cooperate or to find an agreement with the legitimate government and countries from the crisis committee. And there is an even bigger problem and it is the lack of coordination between the delegates. Secret alliances, spies, denunciations and many other cases were stopping the research of solutions. For instance, a plane transporting a russian diplomat crashed over Saudi Arabia. A stinger missile was shot from the ground but Saudi Arabia denied all the accusations. The USA accused Iran’s government, but Russia accused the USA! The American delegate said “the USA don’t take any pleasure in killing Russian citizens“ to prove their innocence. As you can see, everyone is in doubt and is being accused. In addition to that, Iran blamed Saudi-Arabia for violating the UN convention by doing a war in Yemen without the authorisation of the UN. However, it was shortly after the invasion of an island called Bahreïn, claiming to give liberty to the people living there. By then, the USA imposed an ultimatum to Iran to desert the island, or else they will have to fight them. Iran responded that they will and as a proof of good will, they decided to stay away from US military base near the Island. As the Chinese delegate said, the debate seems to be leading to nowhere, and “we have to focus on Yemen”. Completely distracted from Yemen crisis, delegates took more time to talk about the French political system. It seemed that the delegates were totally disconnected from the real world and have forgotten the millions of victims of cholera, lack of food and water, victims of collateral damages – 21 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

As a conclusion, it is important to point out the fact that in this discussion, even the most implicated actors were not even included. Yemen was not represented, and Houthis rebels, even if they accepted to collaborate with Sweden, were not seen in this committee.

So please dear delegates, do something, act, and act for peace and well being of the Yemen inhabitants.

Tim Beluze.

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