Bounces at the G20 committee

Today the Group of 20 Committee had met to discuss about reforming the World Trade Organization. All day long, the delegates worked hard to try to find an agreement.



A bad start

The meeting started with many surprises, but not good ones. The delegates received a message saying that the delegate of Argentina could not come because of a football match. He said: “My country is playing, and my country is like my family, would you left your family behind? I prefer my family, and football.” Furthermore, the delegate of Italia left the committee three minutes after the opening of the debate. According to the Press Team, she was sick because of the bad French “café.” Without Argentina and Italia the Group was not complet, thus it was a meeting of G18. G20 was a perfect number, a round number, and every delegates was sad about this.

The beginning was really difficult because of the different countries’ interests. In fact, the debate was not well organized. Many ideas were spread around, but the countries found topics to talk about. Actually, all of the delegates were able to participate except the delegate of Brazil. She mysteriously lost her voice this morning. Rumor has it that it was certainly because of Jair Bolsonaro and his lack of diplomacy.


But great advances for the WTO

The delegates discussed about different points to reform the WTO. The debate about the dispute settlement process was really intense because of the many political questions around it. Finally, it was an “independent pool of judges that every member state may send one.” Nine judges were randomly drawn.

About the punishment, the committee was harsh. They really wanted the WTO reforms to be respected. The states could be punished by the tribunal if they do not follow the agreements. They could pay taxes or loose their vote.

Consensus at the WTO is over now. To set the agenda, it has to be the two-third majority of the members. The delegates hope that it will accelerate the decision’s process.

Finally, about the “e-trading,” the delegates wanted to improve security, so the exchanges could be safer. A new committee was created, the “Technical Help Committee” (THC) in the aim of helping the WTO’s in her resolutions. The secretariat has been modified too. The delegates wanted to “strengthen the Secretariat’s role as policy advisor to provide more policy guidance.”



Love and joy around the committee

Besides the intellectual debate, we lived a wonderful day fulfilled by joy and love.

First, two delegates received a rose by other delegates of other committees. The delegate of Brazil and the delegate of South Korea will certainly have a good afternoon, and a good night if they succeed. Moreover, a journalist will have a good night too. Indeed, a girl offered him a rose, but he actually has a girlfriend. This means trouble for him.

Most of the delegates were full of love, because, even if the interests of the countries were different, they finally arrived to an agreement. They wrote a draft resolution to clarify the debate. As the delegate of Russia said: “I am very happy now, the beginning of the meeting was complicated because of the USA’s opposition but we have finally find an agreement. I hope it will continue this way.” The delegate Japan agreed too: “Utopia of WTO cannot exist today. However, we can make WTO more modern. We have found solutions to improve the WTO and if we stay realistic, they will be grateful.”

We hope the vote of the draft resolution will be going well this afternoon. We are now waiting for tomorrow’s meeting about the way to finance the climate change actions.


Léo Buty

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