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The UNHRC turns out to be one of the most exciting council since it tends to be dedicated to addressing minorities issues, by emphasizing the personalities of each delegates. Therefore, arguments of everyone must be heard and we thought that the best way to transcribe the spirit of this debate […]

Finally the resolutions?

Yesterday all the countries of the ECOSOC agree with each other to ensure policies that will allow a better access to resources to everyone. Motivation advocated on the disagreements as surprising deals were provided just like artificial rivers. The attempt to find solutions to make sure that each country will […]

Quite a productive morning at the UNSC

  Since 2013, a civil war is occurring in South-Sudan between the government (Dinka ethnic group) and the Nuer ethnic group. This conflict has severe consequences: famine was recently declared, massacres, rapes… Therefore, members of the UNSC have discussed ‘measures to prevent a resurgence of violence in South-Sudan’. The delegates […]

UNESCO – Car race: A real solution?

This morning, during the debate about children education in conflict zones, the delegation of Cuba proposed a moderated caucus so that the committee could talk about his project: car races organized all around the world. How could this help children education in conflict zones? Cuba’s project Cuba proposes to organize […]