An historical decision : one more step in the European construction

During this days of negotiations, the European Council has been working on a very important resolution about the global strategy on the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy.
Concrete solutions for a deeper cooperation

The creation of new agencies

To go further in the European integration, European countries seem to steer themselves towards a deeper cooperation on the military and foreign issues. Lot of elements in this resolution will allow Europe to have a better cooperation and improve its efficiency. To do so, the main solution taken is the creation of two new agencies.

The first one, the European Strategy Council whose aim will be to advice EU bodies on Foreign and Security Policy. Moreover, the roles of the foreign policy chief and the military committee will be strengthened. The second one, The European Intelligence agency will, as for it, supervise the cooperation and the operations between different intelligence agencies.

Also, the resolution plans to implement deep negotiations with the United Nation to obtain a new seat into the Security Council in order to be better represented.
As for the military troops, the deal organizes a reunification of the 18 existing European battalions under Eurocorps. It will surely allow Europe to be more powerful and credible on a geopolitical point of view.

“We are making history here” – Belgium :

We are attending a historical event in the history of the European Union. It marks a real lead on how foreign affairs are conducted in the Union. One more step have been achieved in order to build a European federation.

Finally, after more than 50 years of European Construction, the Union will be able to manage a coherent policy for foreign affairs. Furthermore, the creation of the two agencies will enable the countries to be more prepared in front of the new challenges they have to face such as terrorist threats or digital hacking.

This is definitely a good news that will throw again the hope of a future federation during these uncertain times.

Eloïse Deshayes – The Guardian

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