A surprised consensus from the Security Council

The Security Council decides when the United Nation takes place. It deals with a various number of issues, dealing with issues one-by-one. The council responds to world crisis that could endanger international peace. All members of the UN must follow its resolution, due to the Article 25 of the Charter. LyonMUN committee of the Security Council took place in Lyon at the Manufacture des Tabacs.

LyonMUN Security Council : aiming at the Perfect Debate?

Despite some anger, exchanged between China and USA, or China and France, the delegates from the Security Council managed to come up with a consensus, peacefully. The first topic: the private warfare as a threat to international peace. This morning, the delegates were working on the draft of the amendments. The major issues were to make a clear distinction between mercenary and PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies). Who should rule PMSCs: the territorial or the home state?

A consensus was made, unlike what is usually done Security Council’s sessions. It would only take one vote from the P5 to prevent the resolution to pass. The P5 are constituted by the UK, France, China, Russia, and the USA. Their veto power gives priority to their own interests, making it hard to agree on a resolution.

Happy Birthday USA!

Respect and professionalism was in order during the debate. As motions were processed, gifts were the theme of the day. MANY roses were offered to the delegation of the USA wishing his birthday. Indonesia made birds’ origami as diplomatic gifts: birds and hearts origami were exchanged within the delegates. Austria council gave a gift to the chairs to make it until the end of the day: flavored Red Bull tins.

However, the most dramatic diplomatic incident occurred between Indonesia and Russia due to the unknown “pad thaï” culinary dish. Indonesia took offense and demanded for it to be reckoned with.

Critic Situation in Sahel : a dividing issue

Considering the little time they had, the delegates managed to address the major problems related to the topic. France proposed a solution about a renewal of MINISMA (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali), starting by the roots of the problem. This project was supported by Belgium, France, Indonesia, Germany, South Africa, and USA.

It was not a priority for China and Russia as they wanted to focus on helping the population directly. Their passion arose during the afternoon. China stood up saying: “people are dying, delegates!” to make a strong point: they do not want to lose time. People’s lives are at risk and everything else can wait. The dividing issue was on quick aid versus dealing with the crisis by long term solutions.

Writing a renewal of the MINISMA, debating on the meaning of the crisis and how to deal with the crisis: here was the situation when the journalists left the debate!

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Bertille Cauvé

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