« A G20 Committee at its battling best »

After debating about reforming the World Trade Organization, the G20 committee had discussed about a topic they all agreed to say: “more passionating.” Our societies were dealing with global warming, as the G2O did today in a very hot room. The delegates worked hard to find an agreement as quickly as the urgency of the situation implied.


Surprising thoughts in the delegations

With that kind of subject, the G20 could have been divided because of the political position of China, and President Trump. It was surprising to see the enthusiasm of the USA at the beginning of the meeting. The delegate of the USA started by saying that she was very sensitive about global warming. Let’s remember that President Trump said: “the concept of global warming was created by the Chinese.” Donald Trump said he will build a wall, but we do not know where. Maybe it will be around the house of the USA’s delegate. China was very sensitive too. The delegate said that global warming was a priority for all of us. This is a symbol of hope for our world. The two big “ennemies” of the planet are now able to save it.


A G20 committee efficient as ever

The G20 committee was very efficient during these two days. In fact, they adopted two resolutions on two different topics. Yesterday, it was about the WTO and now, about our futur. Even if Russia was not friendly with the taxes at the beginning of the meeting, the committee found an agreement.  As efficient as the Press Team to write their articles in less than an hour, the G20 is now able to finance the climate change actions in a good way. They wrote many clauses about the way to finance these actions. The countries of the G20 have decided to: “implement a legal framework for financial performance warranty program which would target low-carbon technology.”

Furthermore, the countries will have to give 1.5% of their Gross Domestic Product to finance climate change actions. The G20 committee thought it was a good way to support these actions without badly impacting the states, like the developing new ones. Finally, they pronounced their desire to invest in renewable energies and “Green Bonds.” Many ideas might succeed if the states keep their positions. This is very joyful for the futur of our planet.


A good end of the committee

A wave of emotions have been felt during the entire meeting, as the minute of silence for the victims of the yesterday’s bomb attack demonstrated. Emotion reemerged when the nations were united around the idea of a new green world, besides their personal interests. Even more at the end of the meeting. When the resolution 2.2 was adopted at 15:23 PM, with nine favorable votes and four against, the delegates went crazy. In fact, many of them laughed together, perhaps to celebrate the resolution. Or at least because most of them did not really understand what was going on. Actually, the two draft resolutions were similar but the delegates did not agree to disagree. Briefly, what was important was that the delegates voted a resolution that would improve the states action in the ecological transition.

Today, the world was observing the G20 committee. Global climate change became a dramatic issue on the planet and the livings. The delegates were performant during these two days, they were able to confront the crisis. Let’s hope that this international example of collaboration will continue.


Léo Buty

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