The partnerships team takes care of finding partners, be they private, public, associative or even institutional ones to make sure the conference has everything it needs, you can thank them for your award prizes, your beautiful notepads and keychains 🙂


Paul Jacquesson is studying International Relations, focusing on the management of International Projects as part of his Master’s degree at the UniversitĂ© Jean Moulin Lyon III. He quickly got involved in associations by joining our partner Poli’Gones soon after its creation. He then joined LyonMUN to participate in its 2015 edition. In 2016, even though he was in Ireland as an exchange student, he still co-organized the Kaamelott special committee in which he was also a chair.


Gauthier Baron is currently finishing his Master’s degree in International Relations at the UniversitĂ© Jean Moulin Lyon 3. After having written a thesis on the importance of Russian nuclear power since the end of the Cold War, he is now doing his Master’s dissertation on the transposition of Russia’s strategic reflection into defense policies in its strive for power within the international community. Gauthier has been involved in MUNs since he started university. According to him, MUNs offer the opportunity to keep learning on such issues and also to keep getting involved in the process of training people on the key political matters of today’s world.



The other members are: Louis MONTEIL,  Julien DRAILLARD, Sophie RIGAUDIE et Gilles TEXIER.

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